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Feel fantastic in your body.

Hernan has had extensive training with many respected educators and is always learning the latest techniques, ranging from Eastern traditions to cutting edge Western therapies. He integrates all disciplines into one amazing experience. Hernan is one of only a handful of degree level UK qualified therapists with a BTEC Level 6 certification and is fully insured and registered to associated governing bodies. He has learned many techniques of massage which allows him to personalise treatments. Following detailed assessment to find out what is causing the pain, treatment can include the use of many massage techniques and tools including: Musculoskeletal Acupuncture | Sports massage | Deep tissue | Hot Stone Fusion | Eastern Meridian Massage | Pregnancy | Holistic | Back Neck and Shoulders | Acupressure | Shiatsu | Cupping | Trigger point | Postural alignment | Muscular / Myofascial Release | Energising | Relaxing | Nurturing | Unwinding | Intuitive.

Hernan has an interest and expertise in unresolved issues causing Headaches, Migraine, Neck and Shoulder Pain plus Frozen Shoulder rehabilitation. He works with mothers to be and desk based professionals and retired individuals who wish to change their stress levels and help achieve relaxation and relief of associated body aches and pains. With Hernan, you can expect the best for your body. He also has a degree in Molecular Biology, allowing him to support his methods with a solid scientific background. He is passionate about movement and will teach you how to rehabilitate your body back to feeling fantastic.

Hernan provides a non-judgmental and safe ambience to facilitate physiological and psychological recuperation. I’m confident to get you out of pain within 1 to 6 sessions.


Always wanted to work in the health industry – in particular the one which helps people get better. When choosing my first degree I elected osteopathy, Sadly the degree was private and would have made life very difficult to fund at the time. So went off and learned Biochemistry and Molecular Biology instead at the University of East Anglia.

With a BSc degree under my belt, the scientific background allows me to treat with methods that are scientifically sound – in other words, treatments that work! Having worked in the research field for 12+ years allowed gave me the confidence to ask questions about what I was learning, critical thinking and the scientific method were drummed into me. Eventually, the calling back to the health industry came knocking. Luckily, I had the opportunity to learn from very reputable teachers (you know who you are) at St Mary’s University College, a place of learning with formidable reputation for sport St Mary’s University College

My postgraduate training at Jing institute of advanced massage training It honed a unique sense for locating pain and finding restrictions in peoples bodies. Training there allows practitioners to learn in a fun and encouraging environment. Now I understand the body with a Molecular Biologists “hat” on but also from a Massage Therapist point of view too.

Never stop learning! That’s what I have learned over the years of being in the Bodyworker industry (or massage therapist). I attend many course to that endless drive my thirst for more knowledge about the body. Sometimes I feel that all the learning so far has just scratched the surface and the body holds so many more secrets. Some of which have not been researched by classical science and perhaps there is little or no data in some of this field. Look out for my research project which I will keep progress posted in my blog. My motto “I can’t help but help”.

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